Welcome to Osiris New Dawn Free survival sport that challenges you to craft an off world colony at the same time as dodging large alien bugs. Osiris, unluckily, doubles down on this. Your sprint meter is actually an oxygen meter that slowly depletes as you run. It’s a decently sized meter, letting you dash for an prolonged at the same time as sooner than it drains. However, replenishing it after a dash takes ages! You ever enable it run all the way down to 0 it can’t be refilled except you’re in your habitat. Which is hard when you think about that while you’re out of oxygen chances are you’ll barely even stroll. Luckily, that is offset by means of your candy rocket boots! Which offers you a amusing method to scoot throughout the ground in short bursts. Your oxygen can replenish even similtaneously you’re floating.

Osiris New Dawn Game

Osiris New Dawn

Space exploration
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