At its heart, Free Planetbase is a city setting up sport. It takes place on some other planet or planets, as there are 4 out there! Also you wish to assemble a habitable base to make sure your fledgling colony survives. Build an enormous, sprawling base together with self contained inside and out of doors modules to arrange your new colony.

Planetbase Game

The 4 planets are 4 difficulty levels, starting with the dusty, pink, Mars like planet, going by way of a Hoth-like ice planet! Getting commonly harder and fewer liveable as you improvement. Each recreation begins offevolved collectively together with your spaceship landing. For occasion, your crew of seven, plus bots, piling out, outfitted to work so that it’ll construct a base with the intention to. The starting, get hold of self sufficiency and, later, thrive.

Humans and robots
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